Welcome to a holistic world. Choose from a variety of treatments such as cupping, acupuncture and reflexology, each aimed at helping you achieve optimum health. Book a session and come to the lush suburb of Westville, or book a house call, and experience healing within the comfort of your home.


Azizullah Rawat began his journey at the University of the Western Cape, where he completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Science. In this time, he was formally inducted into the Golden Key International Honours Society for his excellent academic results. He then completed a year of clinical service at the Campus clinics, before proceeding to train in various holistic treatments including Cupping, Acupuncture and Reflexology. Azizullah then returned to his hometown of Durban to share his knowledge, his experience and improve the lives of others.


Cupping Durban


Cupping is the ultimate form of Detoxification. It eliminates toxins and impurities from the body, whilst enhancing oxygen flow, blood flow and overall circulation. It relieves pain and inflammation, and results in a purified, healthy body. It is the preferred choice of treatment for athletes around the world, as it also improves sporting performance.

What it treats: Overall toxicity, Pain & Inflammation, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Cancer, Blood disorders

Types of Cupping offered: Dry Cupping, Wet Cupping 

Acupuncture Durban


Acupuncture is centered around the concept of Qi (energy flow). Qi is the energy that is responsible for the healthy functioning of our organs. When Qi is out of balance, everything is out of balance. Thus, Acupuncture restores equilibrium throughout the body, stimulates healing through the nerves, and relieves pain and tension.

What it treats: Panic attacks, Anxiety, Numbness, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Tingling, Fatigue, Migraines

Types of Acupuncture offered: Dry Needling, Electro-Acupuncture, AcuDetox.


Reflexology is the art of deep tissue manipulation. It is the application of pressure to points under the soles of the feet, that correspond with different organs in the body. It ultimately brings relaxation, and relief from stress, pain and tension.

What it treats: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Muscle tension

Iridology Durban


Iridology is a diagnostic tool which was pioneered by Dr Bernard Jensen in the 1900’s. The iris of the eye paints a map of the body’s organs, making it possible for Iridology to detect areas of genetic weakness and inflammation in each of the body systems through markings, colour changes and changes in the fibres of the iris.

Iridology practitioners believe that the iris reflects the individual’s overall health status and can provide insights into potential imbalances or areas of concern within the body. By examining the intricate patterns and variations in the iris, practitioners can identify patterns associated with specific organs or systems. 

Although considered controversial by some in the medical community, proponents argue that Iridology offers a holistic perspective on health and can complement conventional diagnostic approaches.



Bioptron Light Therapy is an award-winning light treatment. Using non-UV, polarizing light to stimulate the skin and bones, it is able to help with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Acne, Scars, Wounds and Burns.

Additionally, Bioptron Light Therapy has been found effective in enhancing cellular metabolism and promoting tissue regeneration. Its non-invasive nature makes it suitable for individuals of all ages. 

The therapy works by delivering energy to the body’s cells, which can accelerate healing processes and alleviate pain. Its versatility and gentle approach have made it a popular choice in various medical and aesthetic applications worldwide. 



Vitamin C With Antioxidants (Honey/Blackseed, Ginger/Turmeric)

• Cold
• Flu
• Pneumonia
• Infection 


Transdermal for swift absorption.

• Relieves muscle pain
• Relieves muscle cramps
• Improves sleep
• Helps insomnia
• Helps relieve headaches
• Helps regulate pressure


Neem - Tea Tree - Apple Cider

• Rash
• Eczema
• Ringworm
• Acne 


Purified Mountain Resin

• Boosts testosterone
• Boosts energy & metabolism
• Increases sperm count
• Improves fertility
• Improves cognitive function
• Treats hormonal imbalance


Rich in Minerals & Trace Elements

• Zinc
• Potassium
• Magnesium
• lodine
• Calcium
• Chromium
• Sodium

Can be used as a supplement or in cooking


Yerba Mate With GTF Chromium

• Helps the body metabolize sugar
• Prevents insulin resistance
• Increases Insulin sensitivity
• Improves Insulin signalling
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Helps in weight loss

Sea Moss

Multivitamin & Superfood
Packed With Essential Minerals

• Boosts energy levels
• Heals eczema & psoriasis
• Boosts immune system
• Regulates thyroid function
• Regulates digestive function

Raw Honey

Diabetic Friendly

• Natural Sweetener
• Boosts Immune System
• Fights Cold, Flu & Infection

"There comes from their [Bees] bellies, a drink varying in colours, in which there's healing for the people." (Surah Nahl: 69)

Sinus Remedy

Eucalyptus - Peppermint - Blackseed

• Opens up Nasal passages
• Opens up Respiratory passages
• Helps clear Mucus & Congestion
• Helps relieve Sinus Headaches

Best complemented with Wet Cupping

Alkaline Powder

Spirulina - Wheatgrass - Leafy Greens

• Eliminates acidity
• Alkalizes body pH
• Boosts iron levels
• Boosts fibre intake
• Treats reflux & gout

Liver Cleanse

Milk Thistle with Dandelion

• Facilitates the liver’s detox process
• Stimulates bile production
• Prevents accumulation of liver fat
• Prevents proliferation of tumour cells
• Antioxidant: Reduces oxidative stress
• Regulates bodily enzymes

Hair Loss Remedy

Collagen Peptides + Essential Oils

• Stimulates hair growth
• Moisturizes hair follicles
• Regenerates hair cells
• Slows down aging process
• Treats alopecia
• Treats dandruff


25-35% of body protein
Packed with Amino Acid Peptides

• Increases bone strength & density
• Regenerates cartilage
• Builds muscle mass
• Nourishes hair, skin & nails
• Anti-aging: Helps fade wrinkles

Cardiovascular Pack

Hawthorn Berry + Moringa Oleifera

• Regulates coronary flow
• Regulates heart rate & blood pressure
• Increases cardiac contractability
• Increases myocardial oxygen utilization
• Relaxes arterial muscles
• Eliminates vascular dysfunction
• Prevents ventricular failure

Thyroid Remedy

Potassium Iodide - Selenium - Iodine

• Boosts metabolism
• Regulates hormone production
• Regulates body temperature
• Regulates growth & development
• Boosts antioxidant  secretion

Gut Cleanse

Cleans the stomach, colon, intestines

• Promotes weight loss
• Reduces bloating
• Helps constipation
• Cleans GIT tracts
• Facilitates absorption
• Facilitates elimination 

Kidney Flush

Cleans the kidney vessels & urinary tracts

• Reduces creatinine levels
• Facilitates waste removal
• Improves urinary flow
• Reduces acidity
• Assists kidney function 

Prostate Remedy

Saw Palmetto + Oxycoccus (Cranberry)

• Treats Night-time Urination
• Reduces Burning Sensations
• Treats UTI Infections
• Lowers Serum PSA Levels
• Reduces Prostatic Inflammation
• Regulates Urinary Flow 

Anxiety Remedy

Valerian Root with Chamomile

• Soothes the nervous system
• Provides stress relief
• Helps with Insomnia
• Improves mood
• Prevents panic attacks